Your global decentralized
hashrate platform

Entire hot real credible mining machine accesses to Blue Ocean which will present C-terminal with the most convenient entrance in its one-stop service.

A global decentralized Hash-Rate platform.

Blue Ocean is a global decentralization Hash-Rate platform, selling and transferring Hash-Rate, providing NFT asset based on Erc721 protocol, and compatible with the smart contract multi-chain system which is based on Ethereum technology architecture. The Blue Ocean’s common developer agreement can quickly establish and assemble any forms of Dapps.

Centering on the NFT mining machine Hash-Rate, Blue Ocean builds and loans. The DEX, Oracle machine, NFT store and liquidity work certificate. and open to all types of miners in the way of DAO governance.

Blue Ocean platform expectation.

As a practical, safe, and fun-filled decentralized application first deployed based on the Binance Smart Chain. Blue Ocean provides a very interesting one-stop service platform through entire category of hot real NFT mining machine to create a easy and convenient mining entrance for C-terminal users.

Blue Ocean creates a new channel of decentralization finance with the real profitability of traditional mining and leverage effect of NFT+DEFI.

Blue Ocean Governance Token of BOM.

Bom is regarded as the platform governance token, of which the holders can profoundly participate in the development and governance of platform and share the developed fruit.

NFT and Farm Pool


6.4 million

Users achieve through participating governance, fluid mining and pledged mining.

Ecological Treasury



Being used in the project ecologic development, ecologic partner corporation and community operation and maintenance.

Tech team



Project team development and operation, maintain Long-term development. Lock up for 3 years, and release on a quarterly average.

Sponsor Institution



Being used to introduce global high-quality resources in the early stage and accelerate ecological construction.

Early Community Contributor



For community volunteers who actively interact and promote early.

BOM Output Model.

BOM Creation Output

1.33/block/3 seconds Production cut after 23 days of creation.

Production Reduction Cycle

Decrease production by 10% every 30 days, After the 13th production cut.DAO governance proposal for the remaining unproduced BOM.

Repurchase And Destruction

40% of BlueOcean platform profit and handling fee will be used for continuous repurchase and destruction, and the destruction of 21 million will be converted into repurchase incentives.



Market Research & Quality Target Selection


Product Development, testing & contract checking


NFT Compound, store transaction online


Dao, V2 Fishing online

BlueOcean Platform Function.

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Blue Ocean creates a new channel of decentralization finance with the real profitability of traditional mining and leverage effect of NFT+DEFI.